WORD Literary Forum

WORD Literary Forum
7. Juni, abends in Belgrade

mit Ariane von Graffenried.

THE WORD LITERARY FORUM is a Spoken Word Co-op Project between polip - International Literature Festival POLIP, Literary festival KROKODIL and the Spoken Word Crew of Bern ist überall (Berne).

Words for the stage and not for the page: three international literary players work together to promote the spoken word. Meanwhile, “Spoken Word” has become a literary genre of its own and describes authors who present literature as performance on stage. They raise their voices in the public. They tell everyday stories. They cite crooked poems. They get tangled up in multilinguistic epics. But most important, they often take engaging positions on cultural topics, which are of concern to them and their public. Spoken word is a means of living a democratic culture and enjoying the freedom of expression.

Literary festival KROKODIL Belgrade